Platform ... My favorite sandbox

Linux is everywhere... and you are looking at one. Any flavor is fine. Resistance is futile :-)
Oracle is no friend of Open Source so lets prefer MySQL fork; thanks to Monty Widenius we have an excellent option. (Thanks to Oracle for still free MySQL Workbench and Virtualbox though).

Language ... The smallest particle

PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to quick web development. No flames here people - PHP has its strengths and weaknesses.
Python is used for backend stuff (could use PHP CLI also but this is more fun).
Shell scripting (bash/ksh/etc.) is used in contrib man-page export script because it just works well on the *nix platforms.
Last but not least: JavaScript! Mandatory language for groovy web pages.
(plus the usual HTML, CSS, etc)

Code ... No need to reinvent the wheel and thanks where it belongs

Twitter Bootstrap (Apache License 2.0)
Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Special thanks to Glyphicons for Halflings set.
Open source social sign on php library. Special thanks to Tim Forsythe for his excellent HybridAuth framework
Summernote enhances the form textboxes by providing the wysiwyg experience
Bootstrap Tags Input
jQuery plugin providing a Twitter Bootsxhtrap user interface for managing tags.
Image creation in PHP with GD library
by Christopher Heng (
to convert HTML to PDF on the fly.
PHP & jQuery voting system
by Sanwebe.

Misc ... Special thanks

The best Domain Name Registrar at the moment (price & dynamic DNS option & other free goodies). The dynamic updater.
Wikipedia ISO639-1 codes
Wikipedia, the source of all good. ISO639-1 codes are used extensively in the database to track languages/coutries. Remember to DONATE!
Open-Xchange (OX)
Time to scrap the bloatware MS Exchange and start working smarter
Google hosted libraries
Thanks to the network giant for lending bandwidth for jQuery files
Thanks for centrally hosting Bootstrap files
The fastest way on the planet to solve your programming problems
Linus Torvalds
Last but not least. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are boyscouts compared to Linus and what his Linux has accomplished... OK, I'm biased as I am also a Finn.