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I am a big fan of fast loading sites. All of the ones listed above (plus few more) make this site considerably slower (tested few). If you know a _really_ good one then I am open for suggestions via
Here you go (some really excellent sites to go thru):
  • Generic
    • - the best source for command line one-liners and more advanced command examples. Commandline does not provide noob class documentation about the unique commands though. This sorce is integrated in command example section
    • Chris Lane's cheat - command line cheat sheet for *nix. This source is integrated in command example section
    • Ubuntu forum - one of the best places to seek advice on Linux and especially on Ubuntu/Debian based distributions and packages
    • Cyberciti/nixCraft - Linux related magic in laymans terms (personal favorite due to valid content and clear layout)
    • Stackoverflow - generic questions and answers on all IT related issues
    • Tecmint - Linux Howto's guide
  • Ubuntu
  • ... more good sites? Please send feedback