In reverse chronological order:

We are live! (2014-10-31)

The site is officially open. A lot of tweaks and fixes have been implemented: functionality under Log in now works - this is now officially v1.0 (beta :-). Bucket full of new stuff will be implemented later though (new distros, tag cloud, RESTful API, etc)

More functionality (2014-10-23)

Own note & example modify functions added

Enhanced security (2014-10-23)

It seems there is an malware submitting all kind of crap via example form; there was a bug on the form tokenizer (only on example form) which is now fixed (all anonymous forms in this site use session+cookie md5 hash cross check in order to avoid resent forms or malware using URL manipulation)

Bookmarking extended (2014-10-20)

Users can now bookmark commands, examples, notes. The whole bookmark script was recoded to facilitate any kind of bookmarking plus to support other languages (if so needed in future)

Session handling recoded (2014-10-18)

Fixed session handling and improved its efficiency extensively. Mandatory fix required to get the example/note/settings section modify options properly.

Introducing cheat sheets (2014-10-18)

Cheat sheets section has been implemented. Will start importing my cheat sheets. There is also create PDF version implemented.

RSS fixed (2014-10-06)

Noticed that some Android RSS readers were rejecting the feeds. Used W3C Feed Validation Service to fix the issues. The strick standard is a mess though and I had to abandon the PHP SimpleXML.

Enhancements done (2014-10-05)

New search form in navbar, code fixes & cleaning, RSS feed implemented, Changelog / News converted from static page to database (in order to make RSS feed best possible)

More changes (2014-09-30)

Implemented voting system for notes & examples, debugged the bookmark function, Chris Lane's cheat cheat for examples, rebuilt the integration for examples, implemented PDF export, echanced the contact page, implemented the for feedback and tons of other goodies. Nice advance considering I can only allocate two hours daily.

More changes (2014-09-21)

Things are starting to look quite decent: command re-coding almost done, most links fixed - next moving to login side. Everything will be ready by 1st of November.

Code cleaning (2014-09-12)

Re-coding the whole command section - stay tuned. Everything will be ready by 1st of November.

WUI fixes (2014-08-31)

Fixed most of the WUI bugs. Moving on to the login & notes pages next.