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Command Man Command description Section
2to3N/APython2 to Python3 converter1
2to3-2.7YesPython2 to Python3 converter1
2to3-3.3YesPython2 to Python3 converter1
a2disconfN/AEnable or disable an apache2 configuration file8
a2dismodN/AEnable or disable an apache2 module8
a2dissiteN/AEnable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host8
a2enconfYesEnable or disable an apache2 configuration file8
a2enmodYesEnable or disable an apache2 module8
a2ensiteYesEnable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host8
a2pYesAwk to Perl translator1
a2queryYesRetrieve runtime configuration from a local Apache 2 HTTP server1
a64lYesConvert between long and base-643
a64lYesConvert between a 32-bit integer and a radix-64 ASCII string3posix
aa-execYesConfine a program with the specified AppArmor profile8
aa-statusYesDisplay various information about the current AppArmor policy.8
aacYesAdaptec AdvancedRAID Controller driver4freebsd
aa_change_hatYesChange to or from a "hat" within a AppArmor profile2
aa_change_profileYesChange a tasks profile2
aa_find_mountpointYesFind where the apparmor interface filesystem is mounted2
aa_getconYesGet task confinement information2
abortYesCause abnormal process termination3
abortYesGenerate an abnormal process abort3posix
ABORTN/AAbort the current transaction7
abort2Yes"abort process with diagnostics"2freebsd
absYesCompute the absolute value of an integer3
absYesReturn an integer absolute value3posix
acceptYesAccept a connection on a socket2
acceptYesAccept a connection on a socket2freebsd
acceptYesAccept a new connection on a socket3posix
acceptN/AAccept/reject jobs sent to a destination8
accept4N/AAccept a connection on a socket2
accept_filterYesFilter incoming connections9freebsd
accessYesCheck real user's permissions for a file2
accessYesCheck accessibility of a file2freebsd
accessYesDetermine accessibility of a file3posix
access.confYesThe login access control table file5
accessdbYesDumps the content of a man-db database in a human readable format8
accf_dataYesBuffer incoming connections until data arrives9freebsd
accf_dnsYesBuffer incoming DNS requests until the whole first request is present9freebsd
accf_httpYes"buffer incoming connections until a certain complete HTTP requests arrive"9freebsd
acctYesSwitch process accounting on or off2
acctYesEnable or disable process accounting2freebsd
acctYesProcess accounting file5
acdYesGeneric ATA/ATAPI disk controller driver4freebsd
aclYesAccess Control Lists5
aclYesVirtual file system access control lists9freebsd
aconnectYesALSA sequencer connection manager1
acosYesArc cosine function3
acosYesArc cosine functions3posix
acosfN/AArc cosine function3